Kindergarten 幼儿园  

Our Kindergarten, supported by Xiehe successful Fortune Kindergarten program, provides a safe and secure, caring and nurturing environment that enhances children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and character development.

Our Kindergarten strives to offer bilingual teaching with the concept of “East Meets West”, and cultivate the future citizens who are, healthy and sociable, full of curiosity, friendly to the nature, courageous and confident, reliable in preliminary responsibility, excellent in international perspective and open to different cultures.

 Primary School 小学  

Our Primary School follows the Bilingual Curriculum (SUIS Pioneer) informed by the best of Chinese and Western pedagogies. By providing subject-based learning experiences and project-based projects, our Bilingual Curriculum nourishes every student with a love for learning, questioning and problem solving. We provide high quality education that is beyond just academics as we also aim to develop their character as unique students who contribute in meaningful and positive ways to our global society.

After graduation, students can follow one out of four pathways: continue into our secondary curriculum, attend a local secondary school, other international school, or even study abroad.

 Middle School 初中  

Our Middle School offers the Bilingual Curriculum (SUIS Pioneer), a unique but challenging curriculum that will give students all they need to be successful in their education. The curriculum combines the national curriculum needed for Zhongkao and international elements needed for international tests.

The unique elements of this curriculum enable children to 课程优势:

Develop the skills of inquiry and critical thinking to learn and develop quicker.
Become creative thinkers with the self-discipline to maximize their learning.
Become collaborative team workers with the leadership skills to meet the challenges of the world tomorrow.

 High School 高中  

Our High School offers a rich curriculum for students to choose from. The majority of the lessons will be taught in English by expert international teachers or co-taught by Chinese and Western staff, and develops pathways to give each student the best possible chance in life.

If a student wishes to continue their education in North America, we offer a number of collected AP courses. If the UK, Europe or other Commonwealth nation is a preferred destination then we also offer a wide variety of A Level courses.
北美留学意愿的学生,可以选修AP课程。英联邦或欧洲留学意愿的学生,可以选修A Level课程。

We also prepare students for TOEFL/IELTS and SAT, which will further enhance their chances of gaining a place in the top Universities around the world. As each student begins to plan for and prepare their University applications we will ensure that each one is given specialized and professional counseling so that their application is as good as it can be.